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How To Prepare For IBPS RRB Bank Exam 2012

In this post we will discuss the step by step process to crack IBPS RRB(Regional Rural Bank) Bank exam.
Ibps rrb has almost same syllabus as ibps po and clerk means we will not have to panic about anything new in the syllabus.

Changes in IBPS RRB exam:-
  • For the post of Office Assistant and Officer Scale 1 there will be Banking Awareness section in the exam but for Officer Scale 2 and 3 Financial Awareness section will be there instead of Banking Awareness.Rest of the sections will be same.
  • All the five sections will have 40 questions.
  • Marks Weightage:-

    1.Financial/Banking Awareness and English/Hindi section will be of 40 marks.
    2.Quantitative and Reasoning will be of 50 marks.
    3.Computer section will contain 20 marks.

These are the sections for IBPS CWE RRB exam:-
  • General Awareness
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English 
Let us discuss each section one by one..

1.)General awareness IBPS RRB Question Paper 2012-Topics and weight age 
Banking Awareness/financial awareness-17 marks
Current Affairs-National issued-9 marks
Current Affairs-International issues-9 marks
Sports-3 marks
Literature-2 marks
Total Number of questions-40
Total Marks-40

General Awareness Preparation tips  FOR IBPS RRB EXAM 2012:

1.Banking Awareness has more weight age of 17 marks.Candidates have to know in depth concepts of Share holders of Nationalized banks,Deposits like Fixed and Recurring etc to crack this topic.

2.Economy,it’s a very difficult concept to know the International and National economy schemes and other factors.Foreign Exchange concept covers 2-3 marks

3.Current Affairs-National issues will come for 9 marks,candidates have to prepare last 9 months issued happened in India

4.Similarly International Current affairs equally having the weight age of 9 marks.Have to watch issues happening around the world and relations with India to Foreign countreies

5.At last Sports and Literature,which are very easy and covers 5 marks.Candidates,who watching/playing/knowledge, sports can easily get the answers from multiple options.

6.Students,have to know that,General awareness is knowledge in all social issues.Some questions will be very difficult and some other very easy and well known concepts.It’s a mixture of knowledge to analyze the candidates knowledge of world.

2.)Computer Knowledge IBPS RRB Question Paper 2012- Topics and weight age 

In this section each question will carry ½ mark

Internet-6 questions
MS-Office-6 questions
MS Office WORD-4 questions
MS Office EXCEL-2 questions
MS Office POWER POINT-1 question
Basic Computer Architecture-5 questions
Memory-4 questions
E-Commerce-4 questions
Operating System-3 questions
Basic Computer concepts-3 questions
Terminology-2 questions
Total Number of Questions-40
Total Marks-20

Computer Knowledge Preparation tips for IBPS RRB Exam 2012

1.Internet,no need to explain about it for the readers,having the weight age of 3 marks.Now a days 90% of students having the enough knowledge on Internet.Candidates,who looking to get big score,can easily get in this topic

2.And the another important topic is MS Office,which has an weight age of 3 marks.Every body know this topic but questions,asking in depth.Candidates have to prepare well with each and every topic in MS-Word,EXCEL and Power Point.Students,who wants to get full marks in MS Office,have to study all topics,it will take 4 hours to cover all concepts in Word,Excel and Power point.Don’t think that,you know every thing about MS Office and it’s very section.

3.E-Commerce ,again involving Internet and Business.Now a days so many E-Commerce sites getting good business like Flipkart,ebay etc.Due to highly advance technology and facilities,users buying/selling goods through internet by sitting in the home/any where.

4.Basic Computer Architecture will come for 2 ½  marks,very easy section compare to MS Office.All questions are based on Computer Basics,which every body know.

5.Memory and Terminology questions will be bit of tough.if you are technical/computer student,cal easily answer them with out any preparation.

6.At last,candidates have to remember that,computer knowledge question paper is very easy,if you know/using computer and internet.Other wise it’s not possible to even qualify.

3.)Reasoning IBPS RRB Question Paper 2012-Topics and Weight age
Non-Verbal Reasoning-10 marks
Critical Reasoning-10 marks
Reasoning Date Sufficiency-5 marks
Circular Arrangement-5 marks
Distribution-5 marks
Deductions-5 marks
Linear Arrangement-4 marks
Directions-1 mark
Total Number of Questions-40
Total Marks-50

Preparation Tips for IBPS RRB Exam 2012 in Reasoning section
1.In Non-Verbal Reasoning the questions will be based on Analogy and Series.These both have weight age of 5 marks each.This is the very important and easy topic to get the marks.Don’t neglect it,prepare well.Some times he ask 10 questions from Analogy or Series.So it’s better to prepare both Analogy and Series.

2.Directions will come for only 1 need to bother about this and very easy to answer from this topic.Don’t give much preference to directions,while just solve some basic problems of 10 to 20 questions and leave this topic as early as possible.

3.Critical Reasoning have different type of topics and will come for 10 marks.This is also very easy to answer the questions

4.Circular Arrangement topic has an weight age of 5 people have to work hard to solve this type of questions.Basically all questions are based on Arrangements.First you arrange the pattern as per question,then answer questions.Normally it will take much time,but if you arrange correct pattern, definitively you will get 5 marks

5.Linear Arrangement is related topic and almost similar that of Circular Arrangement. you can get at least 4 questions from this topic.if you are good to arrange correct way as per given question,chance to get 9 marks from both Linear and Circular arrangements.

6.Deductions,another very important topic,but little bit difficult to solve.Problems on Deductions will confuse you much.having the practice and following the correct pattern helps you to get marks rather than negative marks.

4.)Quantitative Aptitude IBPS RRB Question Paper 2012-Topics and Weight age
Simplifications-5 marks
Series-4 marks
Data Interpretation-15 marks
Bar Graph-5 marks
Pie Chart-5 marks
Percentages-3 marks
Simple Equations-3 marks
Averages-2 marks
Simple & Compound Interest-3 marks
Ratio and proportions-2 marks
Probability-3 marks
Total Number of Questions-40
Total Marks-50

Preparation tips for IBPS RRB Exam 2012 in Quantitative Aptitude

1.It’s no doubt that Data interpretation always plays major role in IBPS Quantitative Aptitude section,having 20 marks weight age.If you are good to solve in this topic,it’s very easy to get qualify marks.In date Interpretation 1 set of Pie chart,1 set of Bar graph and 2 sets of Table form will come.So give much time to prepare for data interpretation.
2.When you come across about individual questions,no need to prepare all topics in quantitative aptitude topics.When you compare with other topics,this topic have very less weight age,but don’t neglect completely as well as no need to give much preference.Percentages,Profit&Loss, Simple Equations,Ratio,Simple& Compound Interest and Averages topics are very important.
3.Averages,Percentages and Profit& Loss topics will really help you,while solving problems in Data interpretation.So don’t neglect these 3 topics.
4.And other Major Topic are Simplifications,Probability,Series and Approximation
5.While Solving the Simplification and Approximation,candidates have to apply quick maths Techniques
6.Probability is another important topic,but the level of difficulty is more and have to prepare in depth to get answers.
7.Prepare according to above procedure and get qualify marks easily in IBPS PO Exam 2012,hope this article helps you much.

5.) Topic wise Weight age in English for IBPS RRB Exam 2012
Reading Comprehension-12 questions
Close test-12 questions
Sentence Equivalence -4 questions
Synonymous- 4 questions
Para-Completion-4 questions
Para-Formatting-4 questions
Total Questions-40
Total marks-40

English language Preparation tips for ibps rrb exam 2012

1.Reading comprehensive topic has an weight age of 12 marks.In IBPS RRB Exam 2012, he will give 2 passages,consist of 7 and 5 questions have to read Passage carefully and answer the questions,which he asked.Each passage consist of approximately 700 to 750 words.So totally you will get 2 passages for 6 marks.

2.Don’t read entire passage to answer the’s time waste to give much preference to read first,you read the question,according to it,have to search in passage.Here one thing you have to know that,answering the question is very easy,if you know synonym/antonym/verbal of that particular key word in passage.

3. Close or Cloze test will have 12 questions.A Paragraph will be given with blank spaces,you have to pich the right word to fill that blank in passage/Article.When ever you know the vocabulary,it’s very easy to answer

4.Para-Formation questions is nothing but Jumbled have to set then in order,basically it’s very easy to arrange the sentences on right order.

5.And other major topics,which totally depends on having the good knowledge of usage of vocabulary,helps you much.

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